Day Trading Books

Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude, by Mark DouglasMaximizing the trader’s state of mind is the key to successful results. Conflicts, contradictions and paradoxes in thinking can spell disaster for even a highly motivated, astute and well grounded trader. Mark Douglas, a trader, personal trading coach, and industry consultant since 1982, sends the message that “thinking strategy” will profoundly influence a trader’s success rate. Douglas addresses five very specific issues to give traders the insight and understanding about themselves that will make them consistent winners in the market.See book on Amazon.
The Daily Trading Coach: 101 Lessons for Becoming Your Own Trading Psychologist (Wiley Trading), by Brett N. SteenbargerEvery trader is an entrepreneur. And just as a new business must capitalize upon the strengths of its founders, a career in the markets crucially hinges upon the assets—personal and monetary—of the trader. As an active trader and a coach of traders in hedge funds, proprietary trading groups, and investment bank settings, author Brett Steenbarger has helped others see the personal assets they have possessed all along: those that can pay a lifetime of dividends. In The Daily Trading Coach, he provides the tools to help you prioritize both your trading goals and your life—and become your own trading psychologist.See book on Amazon.
Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game” by Rande Howell.Andrea’s (old) favorite on trading psychology. . . This book goes beyond telling you what a trader’s mind ought to be like. A number of books tell you that. Achieving that mindset remains elusive though. This book shows you HOW to develop a trader’s state of mind. And if you are serious about achieving your dreams of financial freedom, you are going to want to get your hands on this book.I think you need to buy this from Rande directly.

My Personal Favorite . . .

From the reviews, you can see that some traders think Van Tharpe has gone too far down the woo woo path in this book, but I don’t. I love the stuff he has included in this book. He is saying you need to heal your life to be a trader, and trading can heal your life! That is what I say too!

Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors, by Van Tharpe. How to transform your trading results by transforming yourself in the unique arena of professional trading coaches and consultants, Van K. Tharp is an internationally recognized expert at helping others become the best traders they can be. InTrading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors, Tharp leads readers to dramatically improve their trading results and financial life by looking within. He takes the reader by the hand through the steps of self-transformation, from incorporating “Tharp Think”—ideas drawn from his modeling work with great traders—making changes in yourself so that you can adopt the beliefs and attitudes necessary to win when you stop making mistakes and avoid methods that don’t work. You’ll change your level of consciousness so that you can avoiding trading out of fear and greed and move toward higher levels such as acceptance or joy.

  • A leading trader offers unique learning strategies for turning yourself into a great trader
  • Goes beyond trading systems to help readers develop more effective trading psychology
  • Trains the reader to overcome self-sabotage that obstructs trading success
  • Presented through real transformations made by other traders

Advocating an unconventional approach to evaluating trading systems and beliefs, trading expert Van K. Tharp has produced a powerful manual every trader can use to make the best trades and optimize their success