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Visit my blog which is geared toward helping you grow as a trader. The Enlightened Trader’s blog covers topics related to coaching and psychology for your trading. Subscribe so you don’t miss a post and be sure to engage in the conversation. The more feedback I have on your trading issues, the better I can address those topics in future blog posts. Feel free to ask questions.

Linked In Group

Join the discussion on trader psychology and tools to assist you, at my LinkedIn Group, Trader Mindset. Chime in on your thoughts about the importance of your mindset, the tools you use to help yourself, and other comments related to the topic!

Day Trader Meetup Groups

We have three meetup.com groups for Day Traders. You can access them or join them here:

Contact me if you’re interested in hosting one of our California meetup.com groups:

I encourage you to start your own Meetup.com group if there isn’t one in your community. It has been rewarding to meet other traders locally to share resources, stories, speakers, etc.

Trader Books

Here are some well known books on trading psychology you might find supportive. If you meet with other traders regularly, consider forming a book club and study them together.