Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching provides powerful assistance for entrepreneurs, business owners, and their senior staff. Our clients are committed to excellence, growth, high productivity, and clear communication within their organizations. Coaching helps achieve these goals.

Executive Coaching Services

These are the Executive Coaching services offered.

Why Use Coaching?

Successful business owners and CEOs use our services directly and for their staff for a variety of reasons:

  • Build strong and effective leaders and/or management teams.
  • Facilitate powerful growth and gain balance and fulfillment.
  • Provide an objective sounding board for issues they face but cannot openly discuss with their team.
  • Help employees do what they love, so they are more effective, productive, and satisfied.
  • Remove blocks, improve communication skills, increase self-confidence, and accomplish other goals.
  • Reap the benefits of being held accountable, and having a consistent weekly “space” provided to focus on meeting their challenges.

What Can You Gain from Executive Coaching?

In coaching, you’ll meet weekly with Andrea and receive 100% focused attention on you and your goals. You will be challenged, supported, heard, encouraged, and held accountable. With a coach on your side, you can share challenges, accomplishments, and goals and be supported through the whole process.

We all have challenges in the work place and certainly in the role of leading others. Some of the benefits you can achieve by hiring your own coach include:

  • Gaining clarity on your impact
  • Getting organized
  • Increasing your effectiveness
  • Gaining courage
  • Improving communication
  • Increasing revenue
  • Working smarter

What is the challenge you face? Where are you blocked? If you have not yet created the success you desire, why not speed up the process? More and more executives are hiring coaches because coaching is one of the fastest, most effective ways to achieve success.

Are you a successful leader, ready to move to the next level? Why travel in the slow lane? Speed up your success. Coaching works.

What can you expect from coaching?