Working with Andrea

If you are a trader and are struggling with your success, Andrea’s coaching may help. As a day trader herself, Andrea helps traders succeed by working on key factors that otherwise sabotage success, focusing on a trader’s psychology. She first assists you in gaining clarity about your goals. Then, she’ll help you uncover your trader’s mindset that is getting in your way. This usually involves unconscious beliefs, fears, past traumas, etc. that are affecting your performance in the market.

You gain clarity about what is going on currently with your trading, what isn’t working, and why. This may include thoughts that you are having, assumptions that you are making, blind spots you have.

The changes you make using the coaching process affect your mindset, thoughts, and ways of approaching the trading day. The desired outcome is more control over your actions. Ideally, you learn to be in a more “neutral” place in your mind, and able to more easily follow your trading plan. You can then take the intended trades, rather than reactive, revengeful, scared, or impulsive trades.

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal is to be able to trade your plan without your emotions getting in the way.

Successful Traders

If you are already successful as a trader, coaching can assist in multiplying your success, by trading additional shares or contracts, without affecting your calm, neutral mindset.

With coaching and healing of mindset, traders often feel happier and calmer, and more able to trade like it is “just business,” which is what it needs to be! With a coach on your side, receiving consistent, powerful assistance, you are no longer in it alone.

Working with Andrea

Benefit from Andrea’s coaching:

  • Experience as a coach who understands traders, as she is a trader herself.
  • More than fifteen years experience in helping people make significant changes in aspects of business or life.
  • Ability to clearly identify what is going on with you and quickly determine the root causes of behavior.
  • Weekly homework to significantly speed up your progress and the results in-between sessions.
  • Accountability to your trading plan.
  • Structure and guidance on the peripheral tools, such as your trading plan, recording and journaling trades, managing risk, and reviewing trades, all of which are important to success, and tied to your mindset.