Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional, personal consulting relationship, where the coach and client become partners in the client’s success. The coach sees and holds the space for the client’s potential-more and bigger than the client can! The coaching process consists of assessment, regular phone contact, persistent inquiry, goal setting and tracking, assignments, and follow-up.

What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching clients report clarity and focus in setting and achieving life goals. They are energized and enthused through the constant encouragement and validation they receive, and are highly motivated to succeed.

What can be achieved through coaching?

Improved work performance, leadership, management, and interpersonal skills; successful life/work transitions; better, more effective business or personal relationships and communication; increased job and life satisfaction; fulfillment of one’s goals, aspirations, and desires.

How does the coaching process work?

An initial intake assessment helps the client determine what areas of focus require attention. Regular phone contact supports the client in setting goals; determining action steps; exploring barriers, visions, fears, and desires; and maintaining accountability through follow-up. The client sets the weekly agenda and may e-mail or fax the coach during the week with completed assignments, accomplishments, or requests for support.

How does the coach charge for services?

Coaches generally charge for their services on a monthly basis.

How is coaching different from psychological counseling?

Coaching is oriented toward action in the present and looking at what is desired in the future-while therapy usually takes patients to their past for understanding, analyzing, and then healing. Coaches work with clients who generally feel satisfied and healthy, but who want more from their lives or desire support in moving forward more quickly. Coaches may refer clients to psychologists when appropriate.

What qualifies someone to be a coach?

While there are no legal regulations yet, and therefore anyone can be a “coach,” there are excellent training and certification programs which can help ensure a coach is well trained.

Coaching requires special skills and expertise. Coaches can be formally trained in coaching programs. Generally, they come with years of life experience in roles and life situations similar to those of their clients. Well-trained coaches, however, can coach on any topic. Coaching is not about providing answers-but is about asking questions and understanding what is happening with the client. This expertise comes from a coach’s training, not from the coach having, “been there and done that.”

How long has coaching been around?

Coaching has been around for about twenty years. It began in the corporate world. Companies hired coaches to help them stay on track, meet their goals, and overcome obstacles. About five years ago, coaching moved into the personal realm and is becoming more and more popular because of the great results people achieve.

Will I reach my goals and get what I want?

That depends on your commitment, determination, and the willingness to show up. Coaching often has clients facing fears, realizing negative beliefs, and working through blocks to get to the other side. Sometimes it is scary and painful. If you stick with it and face the fears, chances are you will get what you want.

How can coaching get me to a new place in my life?

With your coach asking you powerful questions, supporting, holding you accountable, and being there, you will be finding your own answers and moving in the direction of your desires. This extremely powerful method of inquiry and discovery can help you learn more about how you operate in the world. In the process, you will have breakthroughs on issues that will ultimately help you stretch and grow and up the ladder of success.

How do you define success?

Success in life is a process of getting in touch with who you are and creating the life you want. This includes knowing and living by your values. When you have success in your inner world, you have what you want in the external world. Inner satisfaction is like a magnet. You begin attracting what you desire.

How long should I work with a coach?

Everyone is different. It really depends on what you are getting out of coaching and how long you want to work with the coach. Some people go for many years with a coach and some just for a few months. Most people quickly see great benefits from having a coach and continue with the relationship because it serves them.

How do I know if a coach will be right for me?

Most coaches do a complimentary coaching session so you can experience coaching. This is a good way to find out if you like the personality of the coach and to see if you are compatible. You will usually feel whether the coach is right for you in this first session.