What Andrea’s Clients Are Saying. . .

Day Traders:


“Andrea is a treasure! She has  skillfully coached me from a place of  fear and confusion toward a calm command of the Futures markets.  I would have given up  trading and completely lost my account  long ago had it not been for her wise, challenging, and supportive guidance.  Market knowledge is simply not enough;  a serious trader needs help with the psychology and Andrea is masterful.  I always look forward to our coaching calls, and feel much more empowered by the time the call had ended.  A great coach in every way! “
Jill J., San Diego

“Over the past three years, Andrea Wylan has helped me learn how to create my life based on my dreams, aspirations and goals. She motivates me and carefully pushes me outside of my comfort zone. We’ve worked together to improve my small business, career and trading. I’ve learned to appreciate my strengths and work with or improve my weaknesses. Looking back three years ago, I’m amazed at how far I’ve grown with her help and assistance. She truly is a valuable asset and I’m thankful to have the chance to work with such a great coach.”
Aja Atwood, Day Trader, Boston, MA

“I took a book study class with Andrea on the book, Masterful Trading. Both reading the book, and Andrea’s guidance, helped me transform my trading. Andrea helped me realize that I was playing two strategies and not taking responsibility. The very cool thing about the class was that Andrea asked thought provoking questions regarding the market and market behavior. . She questioned me to really identify what I was doing, and helped me change my perspective. The result for me has been a much better handle on my emotions while trading, my joy of trading, and the positive impact on my trading account.”
Ray F, Futures Trader

“I initially contacted Andrea to help me with my trading.  We started coaching with basics . . . However, as we worked together from one week to the next, a bigger work than trading was evolving.  We worked on how I think about things . . . how this thinking has an impact on my trading.  Curtains lifted and behaviors were pointed out to me that I never realized were taking place.

Not only did Andrea help me to become a better trader, she brought to my awareness certain attitudes that I had that were not beneficial to my trading or my life.  My overall life has been improved by this coaching.  I would highly recommend Andrea Wylan to anyone who is ready to go to the next level of whatever they are looking to accomplish.  It is truly a privilege to work with Andrea.”                                                                                 –Donna B.

I have been working with Andrea Wylan as my coach for about two months. I have found her coaching useful and valuable beyond my expectations. She provides viewpoints and insights outside my own head, and that often opens up areas for me to consider that I would never have addressed on my own. The experience has been unusual, confronting, fun, and above all, valuable. I highly recommend Andrea as a coach.”
Steve Alexander (30 year trader)

Business Owners:

“Working with Andrea is a remarkable experience and well worth it.  She has an uncanny ability to focus in on your true objective and then help you find a way to achieve the objective.  When you work with Andrea, you are working on finding a true path to ultimate success.  She’s a great listener and can analyze your information for a cogent and insightful working plan.  Andrea’s smart, talented and thoughtful.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”What Andrea's Clients Say

Tom Carroll, President, Carroll Strategies, New Mexico

“These days many professionals have the training, but few have the ability to apply that training in a way that will make a difference in helping a person move forward. Andrea’s competency and skills are clearly having a positive impact on my personal and professional life. I continue to develop and learn each week from my discussions with her, and remain grateful to have found her when I began my Coaching process.”

Tracey Komata, Senior Vice President, Good Source, San Diego, CA

“Andrea has been a very strong and positive presence in my life. Her perception, insight, and intuition has helped me see how I block myself from achieving my full potential. Her skill in asking just the right question and posing just the right challenge at just the right time has truly changed my life. I recommend her highly to my CEO clients who are looking to become better leaders or help their key staff be more effective.”

Gary Hawk, President, Inner Circle of San Diego (Now, Clarity International)

“I have been utilizing coaching for approximately a year now. I am impressed with the changes that have occurred in my life. I am more accepting of myself and have compassion where I once had contempt. I have confidence where I used to have doubt. I have comfort where I once had pain and stress. Andrea has helped me uncover my true self so that I may live happily instead of just survive.

“Coaching has caused more positive change in my life than any other treatment or process. I have found it to be so empowering that I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to live. If you approach it being honest with yourself and your coach, you will experience recognition of who you really are and what you are really capable of.”
Mark Scovel, President, Quality Software Associates, Inc., Carlsbad, CA.

“The thing that stands out the most for me in my coaching relationship with Andrea is that she said to me,
This was mind-blowing to me! I’m in the business of helping others change their minds about themselves, and she helps me, repeatedly, change my mind about myself and what’s possible. For example, I told her about a scenario from which I concluded, “I’m a self-starter when I work for others, but not for myself.” She pointed out that I am, in fact, a self-starter when working for myself by reflecting back to me all I’d done in the last 7 months.
She was also able to reflect back to me how what I’m able to do is valuable to others and I could easily charge them for my work.
In addition to helping me change my thinking, she has also given me practical suggestions for things to do . Her suggestions have been so helpful because, like most people, I can get up in all the thinking and none of the doing so that I get paralyzed!”
–Barb Nangle, Coach & Consultant

challenges I felt would otherwise have “done me in”. Her respectful manner and sincere honesty combined with her resourceful wisdom and intuition have led me through confusing darkness to my own greatness both personally and professionally.”
Patty Kovacevich, President, PKPR Public Relations Firm

“Andrea’s insights have reminded me that life is not just making choices, but making the right choices. The result of coaching with Andrea has been a tripling of last year’s income.”
Bill Smith, Owner, Jakaroos Enterprises

“Andrea has helped me focus on my goals and separate real challenges from unrealistic fears. Her coaching expertise impresses me, and I have made progress toward my career goals as a result of her help. Andrea was instrumental in helping me complete my book, which will be published in the Fall of 2000!”
Viki Hurst, Business Owner

Managers and Others:

“Personal coaching with Andrea Wylan has continually challenged me to think outside the box that I had put myself in. And, it has allowed me to view my life as a work-in-progress with me as the head architect.”
Brooke Palmer, Educative Planning Assistant, Harvard University

“Andrea helped me realize/remember that I do not have to wait to grow my salary over the years and that I can actually double it within one year, and double it again two years later! I had a mental block that I couldn’t possibly be qualified for a job salary of over $50K when I was only 25 (almost 26). I am 4 months away from turning 28 and within the month I will start my new job earning over $100K. It really is up to you! Don’t limit yourself! Andrea helped me realize my self worth!! I can’t wait to start working with her again on other areas of my life!”
Maureen McDonough, Western Regional Manager, On-Line Design

“I have been very fortunate to have Andrea as a personal coach. She has been vital in my efforts to succeed–her personal coaching has helped me improve the inner workings of my department. Coaching has helped me develop and pursue a game plan for my goals. Andrea is extremely innovative in every sense of the word-and exceptionally professional and personable.”
Martin Terry, Facilities Manager, The Sporting Club

“I was stuck in all areas of life. Now I have a new job, a great place to live and an incredibly better view of life. Coaching with Andrea was of great support and assistance in making the transition.”
Ania Moldzynska, Marketing Consultant, DAOU, Inc.

“Coaching is helping me to discover my true self and unlock my power. In the past few months, my outlook on both my career and personal life has expanded exponentially and I am now achieving goals I never would have thought possible.”
Andrea Paik, Account Executive

“I entered coaching curious about what it had to offer. Perhaps it would allow me to identify problems and find solutions faster, since there were so many issues at hand at the time. In the midst of the process, I realized that it was more about having to learn about yourself in order to get to that point. I became somewhat resistant, but stuck with the process. Now at the “other end” I do have a new perspective and although the issues have not become fewer in number, I can now address them in a more effective manner, feel good about myself and have others come away with a positive interaction. It’s amazing how a good coach helps you open your eyes and your mind.”
A.K. Surgeon

“My friends and family wondered why, after landing the better job I had wanted at the salary I deserved, I kept on coaching with Andrea. The answer is because coaching has served me so very well. The shift in my way of thinking about job hunting was so powerful and effective I wanted to see what other areas of my life could be enriched. Communication with my boss and colleagues is the best it has ever been. Stress and anger are at extremely low levels when I approach challenges with my chosen (in coaching) attitude.”
A.B. University of Chicago