Andrea’s Background and ExperienceAndrea

My Background . . .

Fifteen years experience in corporate settings as a professional coach, manager, professional writer, and business owner. From this experience, I’ve gained strong communication skills and coaching abilities. My passion and talent is helping others move forward, make changes, attain success, and upgrade their life or work situation and how they feel about themselves. I value honesty and trust in my client relationships, and maintain a strong commitment to my client’s success. I’m persistent, direct, highly observant, intuitive, and supportive.

My Credentials . . .

I am a certified coach with the credential of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute, one of the most respected coaching schools. I was also certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation.

The training I received was in the “Co-active Coaching” model through The Coaches Training Institute. Additionally, I received a Master’s degree in Public Health from SDCCU. In general, through schooling, classes, books, and so forth, I’ve had the opportunity to become well educated in business, management, communication, personal growth, and self care, relationships, and gaining clarity in life.

See what Andrea’s clients experiences and results with coaching have been. Or, view information on her background, below, including her credentials.

Clients I Work With . . .

I have worked with all sorts of clients over the last 15 years, including people at all organizational levels, industries, and so forth. Examples include:

  • Marketing Director, VP of Communications, President of Executive Roundtables
  • Insurance Sales Agent, Administrative Personnel, PR Director,
  • Head of Financial Planning/Investments office, Commercial Real Estate Broker,
  • Writer, Sales, Facilities Manager, Software Engineer, Startup Company, Attorneys, Psychologist,
  • Day Trader/Hedge Fund, Manufacturing Director, Hollywood Key Grip, Mom, and many others.

It isn’t important your industry or title, but that you are motivated to change. Coaching tools and techniques work across the board.

When working inside companies, my focus is coaching for business communication, leadership, and interpersonal relationships. I assist organizations in improving morale, team-building, communication, and leadership capacity. I love working with business leaders, because as the “top” of the organization changes, so do those working for that individual, and then a larger impact is made.

My Coaching Style . . .

Andrea excels in helping her clients realize their goals and achieve personal growth. She is direct, supportive, powerful, quick to the core issue, honest, insightful, sensitive, and caring. Her clients move quickly toward their goals and tend to work at “deep” levels that focus on changing underlying habits, patterns, and self image. Andrea also holds a Master in Public Health in the area of Health Promotion.

There are more and more people calling themselves coaches now. So, why would you consider hiring me as your coach, especially if you have never met me?

First, I’d say that coaching is personal, so make sure you hire a coach you feel comfortable with. I would like an opportunity to talk with you about your needs and how I work, to see if it is a “fit”. Here are some of the things that might distinguish me from other coaches.

Training–I was trained by CTI (The Coaches Training Institute). Their coaching model is an excellent one. The basic premise is that clients are “whole, resourceful, and creative”. As such, clients are presumed to have their own answers. It is then up to the coach to help clients uncover their answers and remove blocks to success (such as fear).

Unlike mentoring and consulting, coaching (using the CTI model) does not consist of giving advice and “helping”. It rather consists of asking the right questions, challenging, supporting, and intuiting. This is the most powerful way to help clients make changes.

Intuitive–I have a strong intuition and I use it when coaching. I share my intuitions with clients. They are usually powerful. If they don’t “land” right, they often bring up another answer that does work!

My Approach–In coaching clients, my approach is–Direct, Supportive, Powerful, Quick to the core issue, Honest, Insightful, Sensitive, and Caring.

Resulting Success–My clients make progress!

  • Clients often stay with me for over a year.
  • Some clients increase compensation 30-50% or more.
  • Clients improve relationships and communication skills.
  • Clients improve job satisfaction.
  • Clients raise self esteem, improve organizational skills, find their passion, become more productive and confident in themselves, and experience numerous other “wins”.