Trader Coaching

Day Trader Coaching provides support for day traders wanting to create higher levels of success in the markets.

If you have traded stocks (futures, options, Forex, etc.) for any amount of time, if you are like 95% of traders out there,  you have likely experienced challenges. Possibly you’ve come to realize that fear, greed, lack of discipline, confidence, and patience are utmost of importance in trading success. Many traders search for the holy grail, often for years, only to be disappointed.

Are you ready to try different strategies, to get different results? Work with me!

When you sign up for a 30 minute complimentary discovery session, “Getting Clear on Your Trading Blocks,” we will cover these topics and discuss how to move you forward to trading success.

The Coaching Process / Results

When you hire me, the coaching process follows these general steps:

CLARIFY YOUR VISION — What are your goals? Your vision for trading and your trading business?

STRATEGY — How will you achieve the vision/goals? What strategies and tools will you use, and what will you do when you get stuck?

UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS — This includes trading, discipline, consistently, risk management, tracking tools such as trade journals, and other useful components to successful trading.

OPTIMIZE YOUR ENVIRONMENT — Is your environment set up to assist you? Is it an asset or a drain? Discussions will include how you feel inside your body too! (Your anxiety, fear, safety, restless are all pertinent to the trading environment.)

MASTER YOUR PSYCHOLOGY — Most key. . .this is where much of our focus will be. It has a large impact on your trading success.

The Holy Grail of Day Trading

I believe there is a holy grail in trading, but it isn’t what you think! It is your mind. How well do you work with your own mind? Your psychology is your key for successful trading (assuming you have a decent trading system and platform).

I work with traders to help you get to the core of what is driving you psychologically as you trade. When this is uncovered it can be addressed, and the control it has over you is diminished!

Stay tuned for my blogs, YouTube videos, and webinars to get you started with tips that have helped other traders succeed. If you’d like more personalized attention for your specific situation, I am ready to talk with you about your challenges, specific situation, and goals.

Testimonials from Day Traders

Here’s what some traders said about their work with me. Having shown you these, what really matters is if I can help you. The best way to know is to speak with me. I work with my clients as long as I am providing value.

As your coach, I want you to be excited about the work we do each session, and feel like you are getting more than your money’s worth!