Other Recommended Books

Organized to Be Your Best, by Susan SilverOrganized to Be Your Best, by Susan SilverGet organized! This system of organization emphasizes integrating work with personal goals, handling change, and thriving in today’s economy. Step-by-step instructions are given on prioritizing and accomplishing more high-value work, dealing with instant communication and information overload, and creating a versatile work space-at the office, at home, or on the road. It gave me many useful tips when I read the older version years ago.
Succulent Wild Woman Succulent Wild Woman : Dancing With Your Wonder Full Self, by SarkA must read for women (and men too!) This delightful book, handwritten and painted by the inimitable SARK–creator of her own line of inspirational posters, greeting cards, and gift items–exults in the pleasure of living life to its fullest. Exploring everything from sexuality, love, and romance to fat, fears, and recovery, SARK offers women the keys to expressing themselves in every dimension of their lives of color art.