What Day Traders are Saying about working with Andrea:

“Andrea Wylan came to me highly recommended from traders I respect. I contacted Andrea when my “inner voice” became too loud and critical, which was affecting my trading confidence.  In a very short period of time, Andrea was able to provide me with clarity and perspective that put me back on track. I will definitely turn to Andrea in the future when that little voice gets too loud. Thanks Andrea!”
-Jake Berghamer

“I’m happy to recommend Andrea.  I’m no longer trading because I don’t have the proper amount of time during the day to focus due to my full time job.
That said, when I was trading Andrea was a great help.  She really got me to focus on self-control, risk management and the personal feelings that drove me to make mistakes or misjudgments.  Over time her coaching greatly improved my performance.”
-Todd Sowers, New York

“Not happy with my performance after years of trading forced me to reach out for help. I first met Andrea at a webinar. I believed in her philosophy of change, core principles and professionalism. A trader herself, she’s completely aware of the trader’s dilemma and I knew I needed someone who understood. I decided to take a chance and I’m so glad I did. She opened my eyes to blind spots and cleared my confusion. She took me to a new level in my trading. In a nutshell, Andrea delivers. I give her 5 stars!”
–V. Adams

“I had been day trading for 20 months (15 years options) and getting so close to achieving my goals, yet not getting to where I needed to be.    I began to believe I would never make it. That no matter how much I spent in trading education, nothing would improve until I changed.  The obstacles were within me.  In just two weeks of working with Andrea, I began to see improvements in my trading.  After 7 weeks, I closed the gap and reached the level of consistency I needed.  Andrea helped me achieve a calm approach by providing direction that helped modify my perspective and stay on my trading plan.
I now approach each market day calmly, prepared to expect anything and act on it or not, along as it is part of my well-defined trading plan.
Again, thank you!”
–Les Larson

“Andrea is a treasure! She has skillfully coached me from a place of  fear and confusion toward a calm command of the Futures markets.  I would have given up  trading and completely lost my account  long ago had it not been for her wise, challenging, and supportive guidance.  Market knowledge is simply not enough;  a serious trader needs help with the psychology and Andrea is masterful.  I always look forward to our coaching calls, and feel much more empowered by the time the call had ended.  A great coach in every way!”
Jill J., San Diego

“Not only did Andrea help me to become a better trader, she brought to my awareness certain attitudes that I had that were not beneficial to my trading or my life.  My overall life has been improved by this coaching.  I would highly recommend Andrea Wylan to anyone who is ready to go to the next level of whatever they are looking to accomplish.  It is truly a privilege to work with Andrea.”
-Donna B.

“Over the past three years, Andrea Wylan has helped me learn how to create my life based on my dreams, aspirations and goals. She motivates me and carefully pushes me outside of my comfort zone. We’ve worked together to improve my small business, career and trading. I’ve learned to appreciate my strengths and work with or improve my weaknesses. Looking back three years ago, I’m amazed at how far I’ve grown with her help and assistance. She truly is a valuable asset and I’m thankful to have the chance to work with such a great coach.”
Aja Atwood, Day Trader, Boston, MA

“I took a book study class with Andrea on the book, Masterful Trading. Both reading the book, and Andrea’s guidance, helped me transform my trading. Andrea helped me realize that I was playing two strategies and not taking responsibility. The very cool thing about the class was that Andrea asked thought provoking questions regarding the market and market behavior. . She questioned me to really identify what I was doing, and helped me change my perspective. The result for me has been a much better handle on my emotions while trading, my joy of trading, and the positive impact on my trading account.”
–Ray F, Futures Trader

“I have been working with Andrea Wylan as my coach for about two months. I have found her coaching useful and valuable beyond my expectations. She provides viewpoints and insights outside my own head, and that often opens up areas for me to consider that I would never have addressed on my own. The experience has been unusual, confronting, fun, and above all, valuable. I highly recommend Andrea as a coach.”
Steve Alexander (30 year trader)

“Andrea is a nice coach. She solved my problems of over-trading and being anxious quickly. Meanwhile I got more learning resource according to her suggestion. ”
–Reno Jiang

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