What Can You Expect from Coaching?

You can expect a confidential, safe environment, that will challenge, question, support, and stretch you to excel in the direction of your goals.

Truth telling –you can count on me to gently tell the truth and provide insights. As your¬†coach, I¬†clearly understand where you are heading and will be “holding that space” for you-as you journey in that direction.

Powerful questions –ever realize how powerful, thought-provoking questions give you greater insight than another’s just giving you advice? Powerful questions and self-discovery, with brainstorming, “consulting”, assignments, and realizations are all part of what you can expect from coaching.

Accountability — what could you achieve if you actually did what you keep telling yourself you “should” do? Your coach will hold you accountable to complete tasks, face fears, follow through on important tasks, that might be too easy to just let slide. . . .